Instrumentation & Control

The control center of a nuclear power plant

The Instrumentation & Control Business Unit supplies nuclear operators with the means for monitoring and controlling reactors, both in operation and under construction.

It provides customers with a full range of expertise in all activities connected to instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants to offer solutions that meet all their safety and reliability requirements.

The Instrumentation & Control Business Unit’s portfolio is organized around four main product lines:

  • Safety instrumentation and control
  • Nuclear instrumentation systems
  • Autonomous systems
  • Simulation equipment

Safety Instrumentation & Control

The Instrumentation & Control Business Unit designs and modernizes safety monitoring and control systems for more than 80 nuclear power plants worldwide.

To guarantee the safety of its customers’ facilities, the Instrumentation & Control Business Unit offers two state-of-the-art solutions:

  • TELEPERM XS digital platform
  • UNICORN analog platform


The TELEPERM XS digital platform is the global market leader, controlling all of the plant’s safety systems (hardware and software components for the engineering, installation and operational phases). It is suitable both for new facilities and for modernizing existing plants.
AREVA NP teams also replace outdated analog technologies by installing digital platforms.

Nuclear instrumentation systems

Nuclear instrumentation systems measure and control the physical parameters of the reactor core.

The Instrumentation & Control Business Unit designs and manufactures measurement equipment to control and protect the reactor, such as instrumentation to measure:

  • in-core neutron flux
  • ex-core neutron flux
  • water level of the reactor vessel
  • position of the reactor control rods
  • boron concentration of the primary coolant

Autonomous systems

AREVA NP offers instrumentation and control system solutions that meet the strict nuclear requirements for the autonomous systems installed on nuclear power plants, such as the polar crane, and fuel transfer and loading machines.

Simulation equipment

To meet the demands of safety authorities and customers, the Instrumentation & Control Business Unit designs full-scale nuclear power plant simulators and engineering simulators through its subsidiary CORYS.

  • Full-scale simulators, combined with a life-size replica of the control room, provide training for plant operators in all reactor situations.
  • Engineering simulators provide essential support for design teams.

CORYS: a leading expert in nuclear simulation

A subsidiary jointly owned by AREVA NP (66% stake) and EDF (34% stake), CORYS has developed a complete simulation environment for creating simulation solutions to support the design stages of a reactor, up to the completion of a full-scale simulator for training nuclear power plant operators.

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